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Baking Course - One Recipe

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Product Description

What is DIY Baking Class?

Step 1: Pick your preferred authentic recipes.

Step 2: 100% Ingredients are included in the class! Get it from material area and be prepared.

Step 3: Fully personalised workstation

ready for student and everything is DO IT YOURSELF!

Step 4: You are 100% hands-on & DIY in the class

Step 5: Baking method is clearly displayed in PICTURES & VIDEOS form on the tablet. So your teacher is on your screen!

Step 6: Bake in the oven.

Step 7: Pack your treasure & bring it home!!

The most flexible baking class ever!

Book and Learn anytime any day as below:

- Monday to Friday 11am - 9pm

- Saturday & Sunday 10am - 10pm